Made by the Community

If you haven’t joined our Facebook community yet, we highly encourage you to do so. Some very talented people hang out there and they have created amazing things. Here are some of their projects:

Kino Wheels to Ronin

by Michael Muck Kremtz

Connect Kino Wheels to Ronin

Arduino Sketch on Google Drive

Facebook Group Post

Mouse Cursor Control

by Cedric Autier

Control the mouse cursor with your Kino Wheels. Requires an Arduino Leonardo board.

Arduino Sketch & Diagram on Dropbox

Facebook Group Post

Nakino Wheels

by Boa Simon

3D-Printed Case, UE4 Connectivity, S-Bus, Parts List with North American suppliers

Nakino Wheels on GitHub

Facebook Group Post

Kino Wheels XYZ

by Andrei Maraklov

3rd Axis, Unreal Engine Live Link Via JSON & UDP

Kino Wheels XYZ on GitHub

Facebook Group Post

Kino Wheels M5Stack Port

by Mauro Calanca

Wireless control for Ronin gimbal

M5Stack Forum Thread

Facebook Group Post

JR Film Case

by Jimmy Reynolds

3D-Printed Case

Kino Wheels Housing on Thingiverse

Facebook Group Post