Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy a set of Kino Wheels?

We do not sell assembled units, so the only way to get a set of Kino Wheels is to build them yourself or have somebody build them for you following the instructions provided here.

Can I use Kino Wheels with my gimbal or drone?

Anything is possible, but you’ll need to adapt the code and the wiring for the wheels to communicate with your gimbal/drone. Since the hardware is open-source, you are free and encouraged to modify the design in any way you need. Some people have managed to connect their Kino Wheels to their gimbals, so check out the Facebook community to see how they did it.

Building Kino Wheels

I followed the instructions, but something is not working. Help!

Take a deep breath and double-check every step (especially if it’s the wiring). If you’re sure you’re stuck, please visit our Facebook community and post your problem there. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual support by email.

Where can I share my ideas on how to improve Kino Wheels?

Please join our Facebook community and share your ideas, designs & code there! We’re really curious what you come up with!


Are you planning to release the Simulator for MacOS?

At the moment we are not planning to release a MacOS version. Some people in our Facebook Community have successfully run the Simulator with Bootcamp though.

Does operating in the simulator feel like operating in real life?

Very much so. The behavior of the simulator is modeled after the ARRIHEAD 2.

My Kino Wheels can’t connect to the Simulator. What can I do?

Make sure you can connect your Kino Wheels to the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE first. If that works, check the settings of the Simulator: Are you using the correct COM Port? Does the Baud Rate match the Baud Rate you were using in the Arduino IDE? If the problem persists, please visit our Facebook community and post your problem there.

Why isn’t the Kino Wheels Simulator software open-source as well?

The Kino Wheels Simulator is based on the Unreal Engine 4 by Epic, so we cannot release the source code.

Can I use Kino Wheels with software other than the Kino Wheels Simulator?

At the time of writing this there is no other software that supports Kino Wheels by default as an input method. But since it’s open-source it is possible and allowed to use it in any software project.